Discover the wonders of West Africa with
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Visit legendary Timbuktu, once the cultural capital of the world, where a kilo of gold was traded for a kilo of salt and Tuareg nomads still traverse the long journey across the desert today to trade their crafts in the market place - Mali


Visit ancient Djenne, sister of Timbuktu and part of the UNESCO World Heritage, where archeologists have recently uncovered the oldest civilization in West Africa - Mali

Dogon Country

Visit or Trek in Pays Dogon, also part of the UNESCO World Heritage, where these vibrant people still live as they have for centuries along 200 km of escarpment and who are the object of study by anthropologists around the world - Mali

Visit the slave castles along the coasts of Senegal and Ghana where, for three hundred years, hundreds of thousands of Africans passed through the door of no return


Visit the game parks of Nazinga in Burkina Faso and Pendjari in Benin, home of elephants, lions, baboons, monkeys, leopards, crocodiles, hippopotamus, wart hogs and many species of antelope and birds


Visit Mole Game Reserve in northern Ghana where you can sit up high on the rocks overlooking the watering hole where the elephants come to drink

Straddle a crocodile in Sabou (only for the very brave), where the local people swim with the sacred crocodiles and feed them live chickens! -- or visit the huge sacred fish in Dafora, who also eat whole chickens -- Burkina Faso

Bani River

Visit Senoufo country in Cote D'Ivoire, Lobi country in Burkina and the Kumasi region in Ghana

Visit fishing villages built on stilts in the middle of a lagoon and nearby Abomey, the centre of the kingdom of Dahomey, one of the greatest empires in all of West Africa - Benin

Mask Dance

For those of you interested in Voodoo -- West Africa is home of Voodoo and has its origins in Benin and eastern Togo

Toguna Adventure Tours will arrange a fascinating adventure trip based on your interests, timetable and budget. Check out our programs or go to our contact page and design your own -- we will then outline an itinerary with the price for you. We specialize in adventure trips in West Africa, have 4 x 4 vehicles with drivers, and guides that speak English, French, Bambara, Dogon and Fulani. Please contact us for more information.

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