We have 6 programs for you to choose from or, if your prefer, you can design your own by going to our contact page and filling in the information. We will put an intinerary together for you, along with the cost.

Village Dance

The All-Mali Trek:
14 Days

Bamako-Segou-Djenne-Mopti-Pays Dogon-Tombouctou-Hombori-Sikasso

Dogon Village

North Dogon Country:
10 Days

Bamako-Segou-San-Djenne-Mopti-North Pays Dogon

Horse Cart

South Dogon Country:
10 Days

Bamako-Segou-San-Djenne-Mopti-South Pays Dogon


Mali/Burkina Faso: 21 Days

Bamako-Segou-Djenne-Mopti-Tombouctou-North Dogon Country-Sikasso-Banfora-Sindou-Pays Lobi-Bobodioulasso-Bormo-Ouagadougou-Gorom Gorom-Markoye-Dori

Dogon Country

West Africa Trek: 23 Days

Mali-Burkina Faso-Benin-Togo-Ghana